Hammer Heads

Hammer Heads

In Hammer Heads you have to collect as many points as you can
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Hammer Heads is a cartoon arcade-style game that challenges players to collect as many points as they can to win high scores through their own skills with the mouse by bashing gnome characters and similar others, back into the holes they pop out from in their cartoon garden.

The fun game features a bright and cheerful interface and controlling the Hammer Heads couldn’t be easier as it simply means pointing and clicking the mouse. The arrow of the mouse becomes the hammer used for bashing the gnomes and other characters and the more of them that players can bash back down into their holes, the more points players will gain. If a player completes a round by hitting all of the gnomes, they are rewarded with a high score and a super bonus. Gold coins appear randomly in the game too, from the same holes in the garden that the gnomes appear from and collecting gold coins upgrades players’ hammers. As players progress up through the levels of play, the play becomes faster and faster.
The game features two animated modes and characters include the Stumpy, Wacky and Flippy gnomes as well as hearts; strawberries, cupids and other objects that need to be bashed back into garden holes for players to gain bonuses. Suitable for young players too, Hammer Heads provides plenty of mouse practice.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Very easy to play


  • Expensive and repetitive
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